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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days 2 & 3 -- From Quebec City to Parc Gaspecie

Our first stop after leaving Quebec City was at the Canyon de Ste Anne, a spectacular gorge and  water falls about 30 miles east of the city near the village of Ste Anne de Beaupre.

   From this point onward the road became increasingly mountainous and scenic.  We stopped briefly for lunch at La Malbaie and rode on to the historic village of Tadoussac, one of the earliest French settlements in North America, where we visited the historic Catholic chapel de Tadoussac, which dates from the early 1600s, then continued on to Forestville, where we spent the night.

   With such a large group (over 20 motorcycles), it can be difficult keeping everyone on course, especially when changing hiways.  At times the group could be spread out over more than a mile of highway.  Here's a photo taken near Baie St Paul, QC, when we stopped to make sure everyone was accounted for before turning off onto a secondary hiway for the ride thru the mountainous Les Eboulements region. 

   This morning we crossed the St Lawrence River on an hour-long ride aboard the catamaran ferry from Forestville to Rimouski, then followed the south shore of the river to Matane, where we had lunch.  By mid-afternoon we arrived at the spectacular Parc Gaspecie and checked in to the world famous Gite de Mont Albert, surrounded on all sides by high mountains and forests.  Later we enjoyed a luxurious four-course dinner in the hotel's 4-star dining room.  Here is a view of the mountains surrounding the hotel in the Parc Gaspecie.

 So far we've had great riding weather, occasionally under overcast skies, but without any rain.

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