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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Having a Wonderful Time but can't keep up in the blog

   We have arrived at Prince Edward Island and are having a great time; but we've had several days with little or no internet access so it's been impossible to keep up with the blog.  I'll have to add more info to fill in the blanks when I have time AND internet access.  Meanwhile, here's a photo of the entire group taken just before we left the Hotel Normandie in Perce, QC.  Some of our European riders will be leaving the tour soon to return home so we wanted to make this photo before they leave.

    We've had mostly good weather; but the last 36 hours has been soggy and overcast from Gaspe, QC, onward to PEI.  However, it appears that the sky is beginning to clear and we hope for good weather for the next several days as we head for Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail tomorrow.  Tonight we are headed to the Lobster Supper at New Glasgow, together with a group of local Rotarians.
    We have had great fellowship 'meet and greet' opportunities with local Rotarians all along our way.  We had lunch yesterday with Rotarians in New Richmond, QC, then had breakfast this morning with Rotarians in Bathurst, NB; and tonight we had Lobster Supper with PEI Rotarians. Here's a photo of our Dutch and Belgian tour members enjoying the lobster supper.  It's been a great fellowship trip! 

     Check back in a couple of days and perhaps I'll have been able to fill in some of the 'back story' with more detail.

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