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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A 'Once-in-a-Lifetime' Canadian tour after the RI Convention

IFMR "Atlantic Canada" tour

Organized and led by “Backroad” Bob Shriner and Canadian IFMR ride guides Bill Smith and Vince Byrne, the 13-day IFMR "Atlantic Canada" ride will begin the day after the close of the RI Convention, on Thursday morning, June 24, at 9 AM from the Hotel Imperia in the Montreal suburb of Ste. Eustache, the IFMR-NA headquarters hotel during the Convention.  Riders will return to the Hotel Imperia for a ‘farewell dinner”on Tuesday evening, July 6.

 LODGING:  Vince Byrne has contracted for great lodging along the way, mostly with 3- and 4-star hotels and motels, most of which include continental breakfast.
   Lodging costs for the trip will depend on whether riders are double- or single-occupancy. Lodging costs for the trip begin after departure from the starting point and include a final night back at Hotel Imperia. You should make your own reservations for nights prior to the start of the tour. 
   Estimated cost for double-occupancy for the full tour, including 13% tax, is estimated to be about C$990/person, single-occupancy about C$1650/person.  Therefore, when requested on the registration form, Vince will try to match individual riders with possible room-mates.
   So you won’t have to call each of the establishments to make room reservations yourself, Vince will take the lodging requirements and credit card information from the registration forms then make all the individual room reservations with the various hotels and motels. You then merely check in when you arrive at each hotel, using your credit card or cash to finalize payment.  However, as noted above, you should make your own reservations for nights before the start of the tour.

OPTIONS: Since some riders may not have time for the full trip, several shorter options have been pre-planned for those who need to leave early.  Four shorter tour options are available.
   Option 1 (4 days) leaves the tour group on Day 2 at Tadoussac, QC, and travels up the scenic Saguenay fiord and around Lac St Jean, then back to the Montreal area, stopping overnight in Chicoutimi and Roberval.
   Option 2 (6 days) leaves the tour group on Day 5 at Campbellton, NB, and returns to the Montreal area, stopping overnight at Riviere du Loup, QC
   Option 3 (11 days) leaves the tour group on Day 11 at St John, NB, and returns to the U.S. via Calais, Maine. (The “CAT” ferry from Yarmouth, NS, to Maine is no longer in operation.).
   Custom:  In addition, IFMR riders who wish to join the group along the way for one or more days, or those who wish to leave the group at points other than the pre-planned options, are welcome to do so and should mark “Custom” on their registration form and briefly say when and where they plan to join and/or leave the group.

REGISTRATION & CANCELLATION:  To register, fill out and return the registration form to Bob Shriner by email (, fax (1-540-349-8799), or postal mail (7347 Stuart Circle, Warrenton, VA, 20187) by January 31. There is a limit of 25 riders (bikes).  Forms received after that point will be accepted only on a ‘space available’ basis.  So get your registration form in early.
   If you did not received a copy of the registration form and would like to obtain a copy, email your request to
   Cancellations and changes will be accepted until May 15.  (Cycle rentals must be canceled directly with the rental agency, not with IFMR-NA.)  

CYCLE RENTALS: Bill Smith has made arrangements with Hamel Honda in Ste Eustache for rental bikes for those who need them.  Several models are available.  Bill has arranged a 15 percent discount for IFMR off the dealer's usual rental rate.  To arrange your rental contract, contact Jean-Francois Jacob at 1-450-491-0440, ext. 7501 or and mention "IFMR" and "Motorcycling Rotarians". Make your  reservations as soon as possible.
   A two week rental is required, varying in price for the various models from C$449 (Canadian) to C$995 per week, including 500 km (310 miles) per day, leather jacket, helmet, saddle bags, and insurance.   A credit "deposit" of C$2,000 is required; the credit card paperwork would be activated only in case of an accident or theft of the bike. 
  Other questions about bike rental? Contact Bill Smith at  1-518-744-5304 or

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